Our stretch fabrics and aluminum structures

To choose light stretch fabrics for your event or marketing projects

The use of stretch fabrics in freeform or with a structure, allows the creation of cutting-edge concepts that push the limits of imagination.

  • Strong visual identity, creating value
    Innovative and spectacular style and design.

  • Elegant, visual lightness and aesthetics
    Sleek and beautiful lines. always well-drawn finish, no wrinkle marks.

  • Economic
    Lightweight and compact, easy to transport, store and install. Great savings on indirect costs.

  • Safe
    Fire retardant treatment for all textiles to international standards.

  • Sustainable Dye-sublimation printing
    High resolution and color depth that is resistant to washing and wear. washable and easy maintenance.

  • Reduced ecological footprint
    Our aluminum structures are 100% recyclable. We also offer textiles made from recycled fibers. They are lightweight and very compact for low-carbon footprint shipping

Freeform stretch design: light, flexible and versatile concepts

Stretch shapes in freeform are used without a structure, which allows a wide range of possibilities. They can be hooked to virtually anything, like wall hooks, truss structures, telescopic poles ...

This product is ideal for delimiting the space elegantly, for custom projection screens, affordable stage sets, it’s easy to install, transport, ship, store …

Combined with structure to create impressive volume

Our unique modular structure system is one of the most lightweight and robust on the market.

A single Allen key (supplied) is required to assemble most of the solutions we produce; regardless of your project’s size, you or your client will always have a very simple system to assemble.

  • Strong, lightweight and compact aluminum frame.
  • Satin anodized finish for a high quality finish.
  • Aluminum extrusion 1" square or round
  • Quick connectors and standard clips

Wide choice of stretchable fabrics, textures and colors.

We offer a comprehensive range of textiles, chosen depending of the requirements necessary of each project. You have a project coming out of the ordinary? We will find the right textile for you.

Solid colors

Some projects do not require printing, then solid color textiles are a simple and economical solution. Textiles are available in many colors and finishes, including the mesh (net, tulle).

Solid colors

Customization with dye-sublimation

Our dye-sublimation printing services also allow you to customize our products to your image.

Our textiles are printable in HD through dye-sublimation. The printing process incorporates the image in the textile fiber for a perfect result. The impression does not fade with time. Unlike screen printing, printing will not crackle once stretched.

For maximum impact and impeccable product, quality printing is a necessity. The print service that we offer reaches the highest standards.

We can print up to 120 inches wide with some fabrics and 102 '' with the others. In the case of wide-scale projects, joints and seams are virtually undetectable.

Fire retardant treated

We are uncompromising in regard with fire safety and all our textiles have received fire retardant treatment with approved products to the strictest standards in Canada, the United States and Europe (NFPA701 small-scale, CAN UL-C109, M1, B1, etc.).

Artisan of your imagination

A personalized approach  combined with real custom-made stretch fabric concepts for special events decor, exhibition booths, stage designs, projection screens and special projetcs.

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