Our toolbox is full of info on how to prepare and transfer your graphic files, as well as tips on how to install and wrap our products.
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Graphic file specifications
Check list before sending
How to transfer your files
Resolution chart
Create your file : Image or vector?
Tips and tricks : how to install a simple tension shape
Tips and tricks : how to pack a rental structure
Which color is available ?


Graphic Specifications

Here are the graphic specifications for the printing of your project:

  • File dimensions at a 1 :1 scale (printed size) or else clearly indicate the reduction percentage applied (10%, 50%, …).
  • A paper color proof and a low resolution PDF must come with each document for color and art reference.
  • Accepted file extensions
    • EPS, AI, PDF (high resolution), TIFF and JPEG
    • All in CMYK, PC compatible (QuarkXPress or InDesign files must be converted in PDF or EPS.
  • Image resolution must be at least 100 dpi at final dimensions
  • Masks must be applied and all elements must be unlocked then grouped
  • All font must be converted into vector outlines
  • Allow a safety zone inside the final dimensions of the document.
  • No external bleed. No crop mark.

*Internal bleed / safety zone dimensions can vary depending of the shape to be printed. Ask your project manager for bleeds specific to your project.

security margin

Do not put important information such as text or logo in the grey safety zone
This zone could be cropped during production.


We do not modify the content of the files, our verification covers only the sizes. It is the client responsibility to ensure files integrity and conformity. Due to fabric stretch, we can’t guarantee the exact render of colors and they may appear lighter.

Before sending your files

Before sending your files, make sure to make the following verifications, this will help to launch the production on time:

  • Did you outline the fonts (SHIFT+CTRL+O)?
  • Did you group (CTRL+G) all the items of your visual?
  • Did you convert your file in the appropriate extension, must be compatible with Illustrator CC?
  • Is the resolution of your image good?
  • Did you attach all linked images? (ideally embedded if possible)
  • Did you prepare a low resolution preview?
  • Did you use the right internal bleed asked by your project manager? (Make sure that there is no external bleed)
  • Let us know if you use Pantone references

Graphic files transfer

For all files under 5Mo, you can transfer the files by email to your account manager.

For all files over 5Mo, please use WeTransfer or DropBox and send them to your account manager.

Image resolution chart

The resolution (in dpi) is the number of pixels of an image at its real dimensions.

The higher the resolution is, the smaller are the dots and the higher is their quantity, and the image is clearer.

e.g.: Low resolution / High resolution


View distance (metric) View distance (Imperial)

Ideal resolution

Minimal résolution
Less than 3 m Less than 10’ 125dpi 100dpi

Between 3 and 6 m

Between 10’ and 20’

100dpi 75dpi
More than 6 meters

More than 20’

75dpi 50dpi

Image or vector?

Vector objects created in Adobe Illustrator are your best friends when it comes to produce large prints without a loss of resolution, there is no degradation whatever the scale applied, while maintaining lightweight files to transfer and handle.

When working with large dimensions, the pictures can be huge because of their resolution and very difficult for your computer to handle; opening and saving time can be long and cause errors.

When working with large images, make sure they have sufficient resolution, and that they are linked to your file (not incorporated).

Tips and tricks

Installing a freeform stretch fabric

Download instructions

Installing the Velcro

To ensure good distribution of the tension in Velcro on the structure, here's how to do it: starting with the ends and fix the center, then proceed by fixing the center of each section, repeat if required.

install velcro

Wrapping a structure the right way

Please do not use adhesive like tape Duct-tape or electrical tape, glue residue will be problematic for future usage. Use stretch plastic wrap, Velcro strips or tie-wraps.

Standard colors

White / Black / Color

Depending upon availabity, contact us.

Artisan of your imagination

A personalized approach  combined with real custom-made stretch fabric concepts for special events decor, exhibition booths, stage designs, projection screens and special projetcs.

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