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Case studies from some of our favorite projects

Here a few projects that either were original, challenging, had us pushed outside our confort zone, or simply for which we had a lot of fun , or yet just make us proud of a job well done.

Series of video walls to promote the film Marvel's Eternals
Design and production of a caterpillar shaped tunnel to exposed plants nesting caterpillars from birth to transformation into butterflies
Production and installation of a custom made 47' diam. circular screen for an immersive projection
Custom production and installation of several elements of decor to cover a 7000 sq feet ceiling for an high performance gym.
Design, production and installation of a custom projection made of stretch fabric installed in New York city skyline to bring back the stars to new-yorkers.
Custom made design and creation of an exhibition booth placed at the entry of a congress to ''wow'' visitors and invit them to enter.

Artisan of your imagination

A personalized approach  combined with real custom-made stretch fabric concepts for special events decor, exhibition booths, stage designs, projection screens and special projetcs.

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