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The Montreal Insectarium – Espace pour la vie at the Botanical Garden



The 2016 edition of Butterflies Go Free was designed to showcase the caterpillars. To do so, the organizing team wanted to install on the central stage a 3D structures evoking a giant caterpillar.


Inside the custom structure, visitors wander and discover live caterpillars on their host plants, they also need a lot of light. In addition, it was important to protect plants and caterpillars from ambient butterflies.


Arches of different sizes, of which the spacers were installed outwardly of the structure to give the caterpillar a more rounded shape, the addition of antennas at the entrance and the exit of the tunnel like the ones of the caterpillar of a monarch butterfly, adding black mesh between the arches to complete the body of the caterpillar and the creation of black mesh stigma on the body of the arches to accentuate the resemblance, block passage of the butterflies and let a maximum of light for the well-being of plants.

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Linear feet of tube
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Coffee grains

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