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No, thanks to their extensibility, all wrinkles disappear once the textile is stretched, however, we recommend you not to wrinkle them too much and to not to apply prolonged pressure on it (e.g. by storing too much bulk textiles in a too small box), the wrinkle marks will be more difficult to remove - so ideally take at least a minimal care of your product;-)

We recommend storing them in plastic boxes like Rubbermaid© into plastic bag to protect from moisture and light.

Our textiles are machine washable in cold water. They can be machine dried in cold air or simply suspended. Small stain can be directly cleaned with a damp cloth.

If you use a soap or a stain remover, first perform a test in a non-visible part. Do not use chlorine-based cleaner.

All our concepts have 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Yes, a friendly service, a serene overall experience, a listening to your needs and an unmatched attention by an experienced team passionate by what she’s doing.

Yes, there are several standard colors available.

Yes, we print dye-sublimation up to 102 '' wide and 120 '' according to the selected textile

Absolutely all of our fabrics are flame retardant (FR / IFR / PFR). We don’t mess with that. Each order comes with a fireproofing certificate detailing the standards to which it responds (NFPA 701 Small Scale, B1, B2 ...)

It depends on the projects and their complexity, your project manager can advise you on this. Usually it takes 2 weeks for a relatively standard product, and up to 6/8 weeks for a more complex project.

On average, we deliver within 10 to 12 business days.

Each order is produced on demand, so the time varies depending on the complexity of your project, the availability of raw materials and the production schedule. First come, first served.

Every fabrics and structures are manufactured in our Montreal workshop, we do have our own sewing and metal workshops.

We master our knowledge and control every stage of production.

Yes, on a temporary basis under some conditions. Discuss about it with your project manager.

Yes, we can have 3D renders prepared for you to see the concept and use it in your presentations

Usually within 24 hours for simple projects. Few days for projects requiring more developments. Your project manager will be able to give you an approximate delay after the preliminary analysis.

Contact us by the medium of your choice, call us at 514-523-2211 or send an email and you will be redirected to a project manager who will handle your project.

Yes, we do and we ship worldwide.

The vast majority of structures are assembled using a 6mm Allen key (included). Special projects sometimes demand a Torx or Philips screwdriver. Your project manager will inform you.

Yes, our structures are simple to assemble, are supplied with an instruction guide and require most of the time only an Allen key (included). We also offer a supervision service to guide your team during the first installation. (*)

For more complex custom projects, talk with your project manager for the possibility to do a test installation with our team in our workshops (*).

* (Fees may apply)

Yes, we have a team of experienced installation technicians who can move wherever your event is taking place.

We will assess the damage and inform you of the options. Each product is washed (flame-retardant treated if required) after each rental; if the stain disappears, no problem.

If a product is returned with indelible stain(s) (e.g. inks, oils, wines, coffee ...) or is returned with hole(s), torn or simply degraded, your project manager will let you know.  We will evaluate the related cost of repair or replacement and an invoice will be sent.

Our rates are based on a 5 days rental duration. However, it is possible to extend this period at minimal cost.

Yes, we do if we think that we can have the opportunity to rent the product again or recycle it to transform it. It is also possible to combine sales and rentals (e.g. Custom printed stretch fabric on existing structure in our rental stock).

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