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Graphics eMotion for Wix "Create the star"


Put the stars back into the New York City night sky to emphasize the launch of Wix new campaign by inviting people from around the world to create their own star and a message by an interactive interface created by Wix.


Create a starlit sky in the middle of New York city, facing Madison Square Park, at 60’ in the air, on a tailored projection surface that have to be as light as possible and, for security reasons, that the wind should not affect too much.


The fabrication and installation on site of a screen on a white Mesh stretch fabric of 50’ x 40’ and the truss cover for the structure to make it really discreet, to direct focus on the sky and the interactive projection.


Linear feet of tube
Stretch fabric sq. feet
Coffee grains

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Design and production of a caterpillar shaped tunnel to exposed plants nesting caterpillars from birth to transformation into butterflies
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