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Who are we ?

An experienced team who mastered its skills and share the love of work well done.

François Dubé - eXtension concepts président / president

François Dubé


Ambitious and courageous entrepreneur, François leads the eXtension concepts team with great dynamism and passion and that regardless of the challenges the modern entrepreneur is facing.

His career path consists of varied experiences in different environments which gives him a unique vision of the world in which the company operates. He is recognized for his high level of customer service, attentive listening to customer’s needs, his excessive kindness some would say and his little humorist / teaser side, especially the Friday afternoons. He is known for his great concern for work well done and likes to get involved in the different aspects of projects submitted to eXtension concepts. He has a lot of ideas but you should never let him draw them.

Fun fact: Dreams of owning a Porsche / has been asked for his ID until 30 years old

Laure M. de Lapomarède - eXtensions concepts VP Création et Production / VP Creation and Production

Laure M. de Lapomarède

VP Creation and Production

She is an indispensable resource for the proper operation and development of the company. Laure is employed by eXtension concepts since the very beginnings of the company, which gives her a thorough knowledge of our expertise and the markets in which we operate. Like François often says, Laure is my right arm and half of the left! She has developed over the years, critical skills to create products that are creative, functional and unique.

She puts a lot of heart into her work, almost too much sometimes some would say! She is animated by a great passion for his work and for the company. Curious about everything, she loves new challenges.

Note / Fun fact: May seems to have 8 years of mental age when it comes to talk about the Starwars universe (4/5/6 and 7) / She’s much younger than François (…9 months), reads diagonally,  and is afraid of butterflies (you can start laughing).


Marie-Josée, always smiling, is our sales assistant, your first contact at eXtension concepts. She has had a diverse career; she has worked as a receptionist with the elderly and as a translator. Then, amidst all these explorations, she accumulated a decade of experience as a stage and set installation technician. She will often say that she was in charge of the miracle department! She likes a job well done and we recognize her from afar because she laughs loudly...


Amélie is our sales coordinator, your first contact with eXtension concepts. With a solid experience of corporate event, marketing and rental, she knows the industry and its ropes. Her passion, creativity, determintation combined to her constant good humor allows her to lead each of her project to success.


She can sew at an impressive speed and contributes greatly to the quality of delivered projects. Hercilia is a dedicated resource, hard working and always willing to work the hours needed to comply, in some cases, with almost impossible delivery delays. Tip: be aware of her Colombian jokes.


Dumo is eXtension's swiss army knife. Multi-tasked and multi-talented, Dumo drives the shop like no one, making sure all the structures are up to standard. 
Standards shape or crazy custom projects, nothing scares Dumo when it comes to build a new alumium structure rivetting with one hand and drilling with another. In the shop, Dumo is the boss and its right arm.
An unique character, as described by its colleagues, we greatly appreciate Dumo's dedication, attention to details and great sense of humor.


Nicknamed 'Big Chief' Karim handles the exciting function called accounting. Like any good accountant, he is closely monitoring the flow of funds in the company and nothing makes him happier than to see his office filled with projects to invoice.


He is an installation technician with a lot of experience. Guy is our chief installer in whom we have confidence to build installation teams adapted to each project. He has a great eye for details and only leave a site when the customer is completely satisfied.


He has an extensive experience of the world of stretchable textiles. In addition to business development for us he is involved in our installation department.

Elmo and Ducky Duck

These two stooges are part of the management team in addition to being our official mascots. Elmo loves  red, while Ducky prefers green. Elmo loves vintage trucker baseball hats, Ducky makes fun of him because of it. Elmo is quiet and has a tidy desk, Ducky has a hamster running 27/7 in his little head and we think that may be the reason why his desk is always a mess.

And also …

Several other important resources revolved around eXtension concepts depending of the projects and their specific needs.

Artisan of your imagination

A personalized approach  combined with real custom-made stretch fabric concepts for special events decor, exhibition booths, stage designs, projection screens and special projetcs.

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