Few weeks ago, we teased you about this massive production we had for a confidential project.

We are now happy to share with you few pictures and a video from one of the conference room stage decor we produced for FMAV during the 2016 KPMG Global Energy Conference, held in Houston, Texas.

This is one of our favorite stage design ever : quite simple at first sight, but presenting volume and depth thanks to the amazing projections mapped onto by FMAV.

The overall stage decor was designed with our stretch fabric concepts :
2 10’x31’ Full Frame  custom made projection screens on each side of the stage, with 2 Olympe structures below each.

In the center of the stage, a large self standing custom printed Atlas wall (12’x10’) surrounding on each side by 2 custom produced 3D curved shapes (15’x10’), inspired by our 3D wall Basile.

All of the elemnts, custom produced for the event, are also available for rental, click here for more details.