April was rich in customized production and travel, and the trend continues in May.

Vibrant Marketing has mandated us  to design and manufacture a custom exhibition stand for their client Marimer, a booth that flew to its first use in Vancouver. An ondulated custom backdrop designed according to customer specifications with integrated tablets, combined with 2 counters, all made of anodized aluminum 1 '' and IFR stretch fabric covers, printed with dye-sublimation.

Then we, litterally,  flew to Austin, Texas to personnaly deliver 2 iris partitions, from uor rental inventory, for an event decor for Media Events Concepts. A round trip by plane and another customer impressed with this intention.

Finally, it was 20 structures of various shapes, produced to order, for FMAV, who took the road, by themselves this time, direction: Texas (Again!). We can not reveal yet the name of the end client at the moment and we look forward to present the pictures of these self-standing structures that has decorated the stages of 4 different rooms during a conference.

It appears as Texas is the place to be for trendy events these days :-)

Stay tuned, another in-progress custom project will soon take the road during the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie.