Still wondering what we do at eXtension concepts ? this is what we do, we think outside the box to offer you concepts out of the ordinary.

As sponsor of the Fear.less event*, we had the freedom of designing what we wanted to showcase our expertise, what a great luxury, and we decide to go with our greatest strength : Creativity !
Our thought process for this project : why choosing to do a flat projection surface when you can use all 3 dimensions, right ?

So, using standard elements from our rental inventory, we’ve designed a 3-dimensional projection surface designed to receive video projection mapping on all sides.

If you are familiar with our inventory of stretch fabric structures, you’ll recognize some 10’x8’, 8’x8’ and 10’x12’ Titan walls, 4’x8’ Kronos partitions, our 7’x7’x7’ hanging cube, some of our Pilotis columns and one 16’x4’ full frame projection screen, all used in this unique concept.
As you can see, most of these decor elements aren’t meant to be projection screen at first, but with a little bit of creativity and the magic of stretch fabric and aluminium structures, the possibility for projections surfaces are limitless.

All of these combined and used in a different way created this truly unique and original projection screen, that “wowed” all of the guests, us included !

Overall projection surface : 48’ Wide x 18’ High

All of these elements and others are available for rental, browse our rental catalogue here.

*The event, rightfully named Fear.less, was produced by our partner in Alberta : Site 6 Events for the social event as part of the 2019 GoWest event professionals convention held in Edmonton.
Projection mapping provided by Invert720 Productions.

Photo credits : eXtension concepts & Shandro Photo