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Trade show, show organizer, designer and manufacturer of exhibition stands/booths

Because you need a booth that stands out, one that attracts curiosity, especially one that will catch the eye of the visitor whose attention can go in any direction during a show where most  stands have most of the time much the same boring look. Only one item can make a big difference.

The stretch fabric solutions have a strong visual impact, and are lightweight, compact and easy to install, they are a wise investment when we pay attention to transport related charges, storage and installation.

Their cost of use is more economical than the traditional rigid solutions, which requires rigid boxes, heavy transports and often specialized teams to install them.
Not to mention, that our textiles are also less fragile.

Many possible applications

Printed wall, custom 2D and 3D decor elements, hanging signs, column covers, large format printing, reception booth, welcome hall, exhibition décor, media wall, lounge, VIP zone, rest zone, entrance arch, freestanding wall, backlit columns, table cover ...

Artisan of your imagination

A personalized approach  combined with real custom-made stretch fabric concepts for special events decor, exhibition booths, stage designs, projection screens and special projetcs.

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