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Rental - Furniture

We have a large rental inventory of stretch fabrics decor elements. Our products can be used to customize the decor of your upcoming special event, to complete your exhibit booth, for a stage design for your next or for your year-end party, among many others.

We regularly create new concepts that complement our rental inventory, ask your project manager for other shapes and sizes that could be newly available. Custom made rental is possible, contact us and we will evaluate if we can make it for you.

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Discover our standard shapes but also pre-assembled concepts to inspire you.


24'x17'x8' Overall
16' inside Diameter

SPIN - Portable Lounge


L 10' x H 10' x 5' D
L 14' x H 10' x 5' D

Standard arch


L 6' x H 3,5' x D 2'
L 39'' x H 3,5' x D 39''



L 11'-4'' x H 10' x D 5'
L 12'-4'' x H 10' x D 5'
L 13'-4'' x H 10' x D 5'

Concorde arch


L 12' x H 10' (9' opening)



L 72'' x H 30" x D 30''
L 96'' x H 30" x D 30''

Table cocver


Ø 30'' x H 42''

Cocktail table cover

Artisan of your imagination

A personalized approach  combined with real custom-made stretch fabric concepts for special events decor, exhibition booths, stage designs, projection screens and special projetcs.

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